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Covid-19 can't keep a Brass Band down

Amy Wells

9 April 2020

Staines Bands are grateful for all the support and we hope to be back in the band room soon!

Brass Bands are not just about making music and entertaining an audience; they are a group of individuals from many different backgrounds, faiths and political views, who put aside any differences to make music together. This group of amateur musicians play together for their mental health, to get away from life, to enhance their lives and be part of something bigger. They work together, banter, support each other and above all become a family.

To the members of Staines Brass and Staines Lammas Band, banding is more than just music, more than entertaining. Covid-19 has had a massive impact on everyone's lives and with the government guidelines to socially distance, everyone's lives have seemingly been put on hold, including cancelling rehearsals, concerts and social events for the band.

Just like many Brass Bands across the country, Staines have come up with ways to keep the band communicating and supporting each other at this time. From quizzes and general chats on Zoom, to WhatsApp groups and social media, we have been in touch and looking after each other, as well as helping others in our community.

Individual players have been playing on their doorsteps on Thursdays, to support our key workers, picking up shopping and medication for those who have been isolating and been a friendly voice on the other end of the phone/FaceTime for those who need it. We are grateful to our family and friends, we are grateful for our carers, NHS staff, firemen, policemen, binmen, shop workers who keep us fed, delivery persons and mailmen who keep us connected. We are grateful to all those on the front line at this time and we thank you!

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