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Back to band! And the first concert of 2021.

Steph Westwood

September 2021

Saines Brass had their first concert out in June.

Rehearsals restarted in June for both Staines Lammas and Staines Brass. Because of the current Covid guidance around space requirements the bands were unable to rehearse in their band room, but they were fortunate to be able to use the lovely venue of St Hilda’s church in Ashford. In both cases it was a busy but very fulfilling rehearsal, with players commenting how great it was to be able to play together as a band again after more than 15 months away.

For Staines Brass the rehearsal was particularly focused as they had their first concert of 2021 just two days later! The band was invited to be part of the Laleham Celebrations, an afternoon of entertainment organized by the Laleham Village Association and the Friends of Laleham School. The conductor of Staines Brass, Tariq Ahmed, chose a variety of music that was both challenging but enjoyable to play, and the performance was very well received by the audience. The band is now actively looking for the next opportunity to perform to an audience!

If you would like to play with either Staines Lammas or Staines Brass, or would like to hire one of the bands, please fill in the form found under the ‘Contact us’ tab of the website.

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